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Yep, it’s totally free.  We want your Senior Experience to be customized to you.  The consultation is to discuss YOUR VISION for  your images.  

Prints, Products, or Digital images are ordered separately during your order consult ( covered shortly).  There are multiple pricing levels that all include a print credit to be used toward your prints and products.  The levels are:

3500 creative fee includes a 3500 print credit       

2500 creative fee includes a 2500 print credit

1500 creative fee includes a 1400 print credit

950 creative fee includes a 750 print credit


The Senior Experience includes professional hair and makeup artist, multiple outfits, and probably a couple of locations.  It all depends on Your Vision.  Expect this to take 3-4 hours.  Make sure at least one outfit fits the yearbook requirements.  You may need to check with your school for guidelines.

Because shoots are mainly outdoors and our goal is to provide the best experience possible while being limited in regards to the weather. We may need to reschedule your shoot due to heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. If there is more than a 50% chance for inclement weather or if it is calling for heat in excess of 95 degrees- be prepared, you will receive a call or email the night before. The shoot is not officially canceled until you have heard from us, hopefully we have great weather!


There is a great variety of prints & products available and it can seem a bit overwhelming. To make it easier to navigate what is available about one to two weeks after the shoot we will sit down and go over your images and select which ones you would like to order.  Only ordered images will receive final edits. 

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