The glass is half full, even when its half empty!


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I have always tried to view the world with the idea that the glass is just half full, but the last couple of months have been more of  the view its half empty.  In September 2018 I needed surgery to remove a kidney stone.  Unfortunately it was my third in the last 10 years.  This one was a lot more painful and I couldn’t work at all.  It was an effort to just be able to walk to the mailbox, or go to the grocery store.  Then the doctor told me I needed to give up 3 of the things I love to consume; Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate!  Ironically, I also work for Starbucks.  So I gave up tea, and occasionally I will sneak a sip of coffee or a bite of chocolate.  Things were not great but they were okay, until they weren’t.  Fast forward to January.

Happy New Year, you have food allergies!  Yep, my doctor discovered that I am allergic to milk, egg whites, apples, and peanuts.  There were a few others but not ones that I consume a lot of.  The bright spot is that none of the foods I’m allergic to are at the level of life threatening.   Since then I have re-evaluated everything that I eat on a daily basis as well as my lifestyle.  Cooking has been a bit of a creative process, especially finding replacements for eggs and milk.  My meals now consist of a mixture of vegan, paleo, and Keto recipes.

It’s only been about 2 weeks since I’ve cut out the foods I’m allergic to.  I have more energy, less nasal congestion, and I feel happier.  Of course that could just be because I’ve dropped 5 pounds.  Yes it sucks that I can’t eat most of my favorite foods, but I am finding new foods to love.  I’m not quite to the glass is half full outlook yet, but I’m getting there.




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