About Me

DSC_5511Hi! I am Michele, the gal behind the camera.  I am a coffee addict, animal lover, traveler, and an introvert.  Yep, I have a hard time putting myself out there, or meeting new people.  So how and why did I start my own photography business?  I’m still asking myself that question all the time.

I didn’t really get interested in photography until I was in college.  I needed 3 more credits so I took photography as an elective class.  It was a challenge to learn how to use a SLR camera and how to expose my own film in the dark room.  I enjoyed the way I could show the rest of the world what I saw through the lens in my own way.

A few years ago one of my co-workers asked if I could do her senior photo’s.  I thought why not.  It was a lot of fun putting together a shoot that focused on Victoria and her interests.  I can honestly say that I didn’t like my senior portraits.  They were done in a studio with no thought to my interests as an individual.  Today’s seniors have a multitude of choices and no longer have to follow the typical rules for their portraits.  Keep that in mind when choosing your photographer, whether it is me or someone else.   

Senior Portrait Session

What to expect:


We want your Senior Portraits to be customized to you.  The consultation is time to get to know one another and to put together your ideas for your portraits. We will go over everything from wardrobe, to location. 

Prints, Products, or Digital images are ordered separately during your reveal session.  I offer four price points to choose from.  Each include a print credit to be used toward your prints and products.

  • 3500 creative fee includes a 3500 print credit       
  • 2500 creative fee includes a 2500 print credit
  • 1500 creative fee includes a 1400 print credit
  • 950 creative fee includes a 750 print credit

Your Senior Portrait is designed around you.  Expect this to take 3-4 hours.  Make sure at least one outfit fits the yearbook requirements.  You may need to check with your school for guidelines.  Hair and Makeup is included in the creative fee.

Because shoots are mainly outdoors and our goal is to provide the best experience possible while being limited in regards to the weather. We may need to reschedule your shoot due to heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. If there is more than a 50% chance for inclement weather or if it is calling for heat in excess of 95 degrees- be prepared, you will receive a call or email the night before. The shoot is not officially canceled until you have heard from us, hopefully we have great weather!


There is a great variety of prints & products available and it can seem a bit overwhelming. To make it easier to navigate what is available about one to two weeks after the shoot we will sit down and go over your images and select which ones you would like to order.  Only ordered images will receive final edits. 


Hi, If you are interested in booking a session please fill out my  CONTACT FORM.